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Maplez Comet Laser


  • Brand: Maplez
  • Model: Comet Laser
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The Maplez Comet Laser blades are probably the blades that hold the most records in the world. Their steel tubes offer incomparable rigidity. Their blades are made of bi-metal that allow excellent glide and a cut that lasts. They are very present on the international circuit.

Make sure you choose the right length and the right bridge by referring to the size of your long track boots. Thus the pivot of the system clap will be well placed.

MAPLEZ, formerly known as Maple, is a speed skating product manufacturing company based in Holland and China since their merger with a Chinese company in 2016. MAPLEZ was first known for its short track blades from the early 90s. They stand out by the use of the color gold for its products. MAPLEZ has subsequently innovated with a new clapper system for long-track blades that is now widespread around the world. They now offer a full range of products including short and long track boots and several accessories for speed skating. Several current world records have been made on their blades.

Stiffness index (1 to 4): 3
Tube: Steel
Type of metal: Bi-metal

Additional information

Blade length

16 (38-39)

Blade Preparation

None, Beginner (+40$), Pro-Set (+60$)


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