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Maple Cruvado PB


  • Brand: Maple
  • Model: Curvado PB
  • Availability: In stock
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The all-new Maple Curvado PB is part of the new PB short-track blade range. They arrive with a constant curve that allows them to keep excellent rigidity for several seasons. Its tube has been redesigned and is now stiffer than ever. It retains its rigidity despite the great pressure created by a high-speed turn. Maple has also completely redesigned their brackets which are now very fast installation and have marks that allow precise positioning on the boot. It is suitable for advanced skaters only.

*** Suitable for Maple and Nagano Skate brand jigs ***

MAPLE is a speed skating products manufacturing company based in South Korea. MAPLE was first known for its short track blades in the early 90s. They stand out by the use of gold color for its products. MAPLE has subsequently pioneered a new clapper system for long-track blades that is now widely used around the world. Following a bankruptcy in 2018, the company formerly based in Holland was bought by Koreans. They now offer a full range of short and long track blades. Several current world records have been made on their blades.

Stiffness index (1 to 4): 4
Tube: Aluminum 7000
Thickness: 1.1mm
Pre-bent: Yes
Type of metal: Metal powder

Additional information


16, 16.5, 17, 17.5

Blade preparation

None, Beginner (40$), Pro-Set (60$)


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