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Frank’s Signature 3″ Diamond Stone – 2 Sides


Brand: Nagano Skate
Model: 3″, 2 sides
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Frank’s Signature Diamond Stones are a revolution in the world of speed skating. Made with Japanese diamond stones exclusive to Nagano Skate and a ground metal plate, they are extremely effective. They offer excellent durability and are maintenance-free. A simple blow of dry cloth is enough to clean it. When one side is too worn, just buy a replacement diamond sheet. Opt for the 3″ stone with two different roughnesses for a good price, greater durability and a better feeling when sharpening.

When choosing your options, note that the larger the number between the parentheses next to the colour, the softer the stone will be. The blue / red stone is about the roughness of Norton and Foss stones. Black is therefore rougher and gold is softer.

NAGANO SKATE is a new company founded in 2016 by François Drolet and Éric Bédard, former teammates who won the gold medal at the 5000 meter relay in short track speed skating at the Nagano Olympic Games, as well as Patrice Cauchon, an electrician. ingenious manual apparatus working in the speed skating since about twenty years. Their mission is to pass on their passion to skaters and coaches by providing them with the highest quality equipment and training so they can develop to their full potential in a safe environment. Italian coach Kenan Gouadec and multiple Olympic medalist skater Charles Hamelin also joined the team.

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Available options:

Black – Blue (140 -400), Blue – Red (400 – 600), Red – Gold (600 – 1200), Black – Gold (140 – 1200)


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