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Evo Quarq Bi-Metal


  • Brand: Evo
  • Model: Quarq
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Here is the latest model of Evo blades, the Quarq! Very present on the international circuit, its tube offers a good flexibility which offers an excellent sensation on the ice. Its blade made of bi-metal provides a durable sharpening and excellent glide. Evo Quarq PM blades come with different curves on both blades. The left is constant while the right is slightly more curved at the front. It is a safe bet for intermediate and advanced skaters.

EVO is a speed skating product manufacturing company founded by a Canadian, Derrick Campbell, coach of the Canadian men’s short track national team and Johan Bennink, metals specialist, founder of Maple and speed skating coach. Thanks to their innovative blades, they quickly took a big part in the short track blade market. They are also very present on the circuit of the world cup. EVO now offers a full line of speed skating products and are now trying to break into the long track market.

Stiffness index (1 to 4): 3
Tube: Aluminum
Pre-bent: yes
Type of metal: Metal powder

Additional information

Height of cups

+0mm, +5mm

Blade length

15.5, 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5

Blade Preparation

None, Beginner (+40$), Pro-Set (+60$)


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