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CBC Genesis LT


  • Brand: CBC
  • Model: GenesisLT
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The GENESIS long-track boot is designed to support flexion in the metatarsal or forefoot region of the boot while providing stiffness and support to the ankle. This balance was achieved through the application of a multi-composite overlay technique and a dynamic arch support form. The flexion allows the user to compress the first metatarsal during the thrust forces, which allows him to rotate the pad more easily in the desired direction during immediate maneuvers. The rigid support at the ankle ensures a “break” of the minimal ankle. This promotes an increase in vertical power and ice pressure during cornering maneuvers.

They selected genuine calf leather for the inside of the shoe. The outside uses a P.U. rubberized aerodynamic. that combines stretch, durability and elegance. The GENESIS long-sleeved boot features a water-resistant zipper and a zipper pull to keep the zipper secure during your activities.

The GENESIS long track boot is 100% Thermo-CSC, giving an almost perfect molding result. It is designed to perform sprint and long distance efforts.

Product specifications

1.75% toe lift to increase stability when entering and exiting corners
100% carbon support shell
100% Thermo-CSC construction ideal for a perfect fit
The best fit of CBC WorldS
High impact epoxy rolling system
Orthopedic padding system
CBC FX Reinforcement Layer (Flex Technology)
Closing system supported by ballistic nylon
Improved on-the-go fastening system
Low level forefoot support
Robust, water-resistant zipper, coupled with a lockable locking zipper
CBC Boot Box Box included

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