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Bont Patriot BOA


  • Brand: Bont
  • Model: Patriot BOA
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The Bont Patriot BOA boots are the entry-level model of the Australian brand. Their BOA fasteners allow for optimal comfort and they are quick to attach. They are made of fiberglass and are 100% thermoformable. You will surely find your comfort. They are made from Bont’s own mold which offers excellent support for young beginners.

If you want to know the size you need, do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

If you are from outside the Quebec City area, follow the guide created by Bont by clicking on the following link:


BONT is a speed skating product manufacturing company based in Australia. They are leaders in the manufacture of ankle boots whether in short track, long track or inline wheels. They offer quality products that stand out especially for the quality of materials used as kangaroo leather. BONT also offers a complete range of blades.

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