3″ Diamond sheets

3″ Diamond sheets

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  • Brand: Nagano Skate
  • Model: Sheet3
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* Spare part *

Frank’s Signature 3″ Diamond sheets are replacement sheets for sharpening plates, simply remove the old diamond sheet from the plate, remove the residual glue completely (with the help of a nail polish remover). glue and adhesives) and install the new sheet.The spare sheets are provided with a sticky side, you only have to remove the protective paper before installing it

Frank’s Signature diamond plates are a revolution in the world of speed skating. Made with exclusive diamond at Nagano Skate, they are ultra efficient. They allow precision sharpening of optimal quality with consistent results. Diamond of excellent durability. The diamond sharpening plate requires no lubricant or maintenance. A simple blow of dry cloth is enough to clean it.
When choosing your options, note that the larger the number, the softer the stone. The black is therefore rougher and the gold softer.

Choice of diamond:
-Black (140)
-Blue (400)
-Red (600)
-Or (1200)

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Black (140), Blue (400), Red (600), Gold (1200)


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